You are on the lookout for a new couch to replace the one your dog tore apart. 那么,你到底是做什么的? 打开笔记本电脑, 在搜索栏中输入“靠近我的沙发”, 或者你访问一个你可能熟悉的网站, 比如宜家或家居用品. 当你浏览网站时, 恼人的小聊天弹出窗口出现, 询问你是否需要帮助, 当你关闭它们的时候, you run into other problems such as coupon pop-ups that stay on your monitor screen incessantly, 或者你的购物车比预期的装载时间要长, all-the-while hitting essential roadblocks that prevent you from making the final purchase.

因为沮丧和烦恼, 现在你已经完全放弃了在网上寻找新沙发的想法, 对在线体验不满意. A negative customer journey experience is the term for the procedure you’ve been put through. It’s the overall experience a customer gets while communicating with a brand. It’s the entire customer journey, from brand discovery to purchasing and beyond. The customer journey focuses on how a customer feels after interacting with a brand and not just the transactions. 在bt365平台的例子中, 由于该公司的网站和功能崩溃, 你可能已经重新考虑从该公司购买了.


那么bt365平台该如何解决这个问题呢? The main problem lies in the back-end of the customer journey experience. It is fundamentally messed up as most customer journeys today are anything but seamless. 它们是缓慢的,痛苦的手工操作,并且没有任何上下文. Everything we create should be adaptable to the circumstances in which our customers find themselves. What most businesses fail to consider is that not every client interaction is represented equally, 无论是确保一笔交易还是应对紧急情况. They need to focus on a customer’s most essential moments and individualize the customer journey to build a long-lasting relationship with the customer for future purchases.

客户完全有权利期待更早的交互, 比如他们的命令, 请求, 和电话交谈, 会被公司永远记住吗. 现在多亏了科技的进步, this level of personalization for a customer’s journey can now be produced seamlessly, and Airkit provides quick and effortless multi-level solutions to address and alleviate these customer journey concerns.


Airkit 创建数字, low-code customer experience (CX) automation solutions that enable Fortune 500 and large firms to reduce expenses, 提高客户满意度, 通过提供定制的跨渠道互动来增加收入. 客户可以创建数据流, 构建自定义的api, 利用选择的预构建或自定义连接, 管理跨渠道客户行程, and develop apps using pre-built components and templates utilizing the company’s platform.


Airkit provides its users the ability to build their own interactions easily by using drag-and-drop elements such as data, 形式, 控制, 触发器, 用户界面, 用户操作, 数据操作, 会话通道, 以及更多使用Airkit的模板. Besides a personalized experience, 安全和数据加密 are also services offered by Airkit. Data, including data transferred between Airkit and third-party applications via API calls, 在休息和飞行中都加密了吗. 使用SAML(安全断言标记语言)2.0单点登录, 客户bt365平台, 每个企业的数据都存储在不同的安全逻辑域中. Snapshots of application and client data are saved in authentication-protected, 加密存储在日常和持续的基础上.


Airkit also provides solutions to Fortune 500 companies and leading Enterprise brands to quickly construct digital customer experiences across the web, 文本, 闲谈,聊天, 和声音. This is provided through Airkit’s cloud-based Customer Experience Automation platform which connects potential leads to a company’s sales team, 自动自助预约设置(和提醒), 并能进行智能数据收集. Here is a quick breakdown of the various solutions Airkit delivers for 数字自助服务

1. 呼叫转移至数字化自助服务

这可以帮助您的企业管理过多的电话流量. Customers have the option of remaining on hold or receiving an SMS with a link to schedule a callback.

2. 时间表

Allowing customers to select a time and date for their appointments automatically.

3. 营业时间

选择定制您的企业的工作时间, 假期, 以及其他可能出现的特殊日期.

4. Omnichannel轻推

You can reduce no-shows using omnichannel nudging (电子邮件 or SMS) for meeting reminders or retries.

5. 自助服务

无论你的消费者在哪里(在线, 电子邮件, 的声音, 或聊天), they will have access to digital self-service tools like scheduling work orders (installation, 维护, 和维修).

6. 客户端数据

利用智能的、自反的数字形式数字化地捕获客户数据.g., service issue or in-person service request) and delivering personalized views based on the customer’s profile.

7. 集成

与您现有的系统集成,以自动化客户体验, 监视请求, 根据系统数据与第三方合作伙伴对接.

8. 客户服务

监控和提高客户满意度, you have the ability to send follow-up customer surveys after each in-person service.

These are just a few examples of how Airkit provides its customers with a cutting-edge digital customer experience. 该公司进入了包括金融在内的各个行业, 医疗保健, 电子商务和零售, 保险, 甚至是能源公用事业. This is just the beginning for Airkit as the start-up has enamored many businesses, is growing rapidly and is set to be the vice of the new future for customer experience enhancement.

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